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Excellent treatment of your spine

More than 30 years’ experience in medicine and research have made our spine centre one of the world’s leading centres of competence


Corinna Rumpf
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International Office

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عمَّار فياض
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Medical Expert Specialist Spine

Spine Center

More than 30 years of experience in medicine and research have made our Spine Centre in Karlsbad-Langensteinbach one of the world’s leading centres of competence. More than 30,000 patients are treated here every year. In recent years, over 1,500 international patients from all over the world have undergone surgery in our hospital.

Our internationally renowned and highly specialized hospital provides the entire range of surgical treatment of all illnesses and injuries of the spinal column using a broad spectrum of advanced surgical measures (micro- and macroscopic techniques).

All of our chief physicians, with their highly qualified and experienced teams of physicians, therapists and nursing staff, guarantee the best medical treatment in cervical spine surgery, corrective surgery of spine deformities, treatment of tumours, infections and fractures and other injuries. In the treatment of illnesses and injuries of the spine, our medical experts do not only focus on adults, but also on children.

  • Cervical spine surgery

    • Transoral surgery at the cranio-cervical junction
    • Replacement of vertebral bodies
    • Function-preserving replacement of intervertebral disks
    • Fusion operations

  • Corrective surgery

    • Treatment of deformities of the spine

  • Treatment of tumours, fractures and infections
  • Treatment of all illnesses and injuries of the spinal column especially in infancy
  • Microsurgical techniques in lumbar spine

The PDF-file includes all information about the Spine Centre at the SRH Clinic in Karlsbad-Langensteinbach.

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